Welcome to MidWestCoast!

Welcome to MidWestCoast! I’m humbled and honored that you’re choosing to spend this moment visiting my blog and reading these words!

 Over the last year, I’ve learned many people are interested in/confused about/mystified by my life. So, I thought I’d resurrect this old blog with a new theme to help people understand my chosen lifestyle and keep everyone up to date on where I happen to be (or, most likely, where I have been).

The short version is I live in two different places. After living in Los Angeles full-time for four years as a freelance musician and educator, I was lucky enough to become the horn professor at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois (yes, that’s really the name of the town). I suppose most people would just move permanently to the town in which their full-time job is located…but not me. For various reasons, I’ve elected to live in Illinois when school is in session, and in Los Angeles when it’s not. This roughly works out to 7 ½ months in Illinois, and 4 ½ months in California. And by “roughly,” I mean very roughly…

…Because the long version is that I travel a lot. Like, A LOT. My family lives in Virginia, I have regular performing engagements in Ohio and Maryland, and I basically appear anywhere else anyone asks me to. To paint with a broad brush, this is exactly how I’d like to keep it; I’ve always loved to travel, I bore easily, and I love having multiple places to call home!

 With my semi-nomadic lifestyle, my friends and family (understandably) have a hard time keeping track of my whereabouts. This blog is my effort to keep everyone up-to-date on where in the world I’m existing, my secrets to making it all work, and how I’m keeping busy. My hope for this blog is to help others in realizing that you don’t have to live your life the way anyone else does, and that the only limits to living our wildest dreams are those we place on ourselves. Welcome, comment, enjoy!